Social Marketing Concept – Why does it have a big impact on human behavior

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social marketing concept

The Social marketing concept states that an organization has the mandate to take care of its target market’s needs. The organization has to effectively and efficiently satisfy its customers alongside enhancing their wellbeing.

Furthermore, organizations using this concept have to exercise social and ethical considerations in their marketing efforts. This ensures that fair competition and proper customer satisfaction are in harmony.


Social Marketing Concept Considerations


Organizations are expected to integrate three considerations while fostering marketing strategies. These considerations include the following;


Company profits

Every operational company is expected to make profits. This represents a considerable return on the investment. Therefore, the company has to foster productive customer relationships, usually through producing quality products and participating in social engagement.


Consumer satisfaction

Any successful organization draws its success from customers. Customers are pivotal to the competitiveness of an organization. Competitive organizations have a large consumer base. These customers boost their sales with the high number of purchases they make. For that reason, an organization needs to produce goods and services that satisfy these consumers.


Society Human welfare

A company needs to be concerned about the society it’s serving. This means that the products and services offered are focused on the improvement of the society. It could be any kind of innovation or investment that the organization aims to produce to enhance the living standards of the society. This approach goes a long way toward enhancing the organization’s competitiveness.

Marketing campaign approach


Marketing campaigns are vital to making the company more organizational. Through it, customers are able to know the products and services the organization deals in. This awareness is significant for the society in accessing quality goods and services. However, as organizations conduct their marketing campaigns they have to uphold high ethical values. This need has made organizations come up with significant approaches towards marketing campaigns. Planning to start a social marketing campaign creates a need for some considerations and pre-activities to be taken:


Identifying the campaign objectives

The success of any marketing campaign depends on the intended objectives. Therefore, it is important to draw the expected objectives prior to undertaking marketing programs. It gives the organization a roadmap on where it is headed to. Having clear objectives allows the organization to work within a set budget. It goes a long way to curbing money waste.


Market Segmentation

Every organization has a set target market it is supposed to satisfy. The organization has a mandate of knowing the requirements and needs of its target market. Then it can divide the market depending on their various needs. During marketing, the information passed across should be in relation to the different market segments. It produces significant customer satisfaction.


Customer analysis

Once you establish your target market, it does not end there. Basically, it is time to analyze this market segment. The need for this is to ensure you know customer needs and come up with better solutions. This approach has really helped in solving various issues facing target markets. In return, it has fostered long-term trust between organizations and consumers.


Marketing mix

Marketing mix involves the four Ps. They play an integral part in the success of any marketing campaign. These Ps include the following;


    • Price – Marketing has to spell out the price a consumer is to spend on a product or service. Often, the price needs to be affordable to consumers. This will ensure that they can purchase your product or services, which in return will boost your sales and generate more profits. In fact, that is a sign of effective marketing.


    • Promotion – Marketing is meant to create awareness about a new or existing product or service. Unfortunately, not all marketing strategies achieve this feat. Thus, an effective promotion program. Make sure you use a convincing communication strategy. It is through it that you will win over more customers.


    • Place – A marketing strategy has to take care of the geographical location of customers. Therefore, an organization has to know the exact location of its customers for efficient marketing.


    • Product – it refers to an organization’s product or service. An organization has to ensure that the product meets the customer’s needs. This is essential in conducting successful marketing.


Social Marketing Concepts


Social Marketing Strategy and Social-purpose marketing allow the firm to satisfy customers needs while upholding the well-being of the society. Here, the company uses its vast knowledge about the society to attract customers.


Consumer health

Social marketing also emphasizes consumer’s health. This is a requirement by companies producing products with chemical and organic ingredients. They should ensure that the products are safe for consumption.


Eco-friendly marketing

There are companies that deal in recycled and organic products. These products will not tamper with the ozone layer. Such companies have to market themselves as environmentally sensitive companies. Their products ensure the sustainability of the society’s environment.


Supporting local business and Farms

In societal marketing, companies are expected to support local businesses. This can be through acquiring raw materials from the local farm. It leads to the growth of local businesses.


What makes a social marketing concept significant


The Social Marketing concept is of great significance to the society. It can be confirmed through the benefits it comes with. For instance, it;

  • Develops managers and entrepreneurs in the society
  • Spearheads society’s economic growth
  • Facilitates economic planning
  • Enhances the society’s living standards
  • Ensures proper use of economic resources


How the Social Marketing Concept affects behavior


  • It enables you to know people and their behavior. Therefore, you can be able to make an impact on their psychology and discipline. Quite often for the better.
  • It leads to the development of products and services that are of value to people in relation to their behavior.
  • It leads to sustainable behavior change in the society, by the use of the organization’s products and services.



The Social marketing concept has led to the enhancement of social well-being by every company. The impact is evident in the products and services that are being produced by every company. The aim is to ensure adequate customer satisfaction alongside enhancing the living standards of consumers. This approach has really paid off for many companies. Consumers can now enjoy the services offered by firms. In return, it has led to significant enhancement of ethics in the business world.

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