SEO for Dentists: How to Attract More Patients Online

SEO for dentists

Dentists are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of online presence and visibility in attracting new patients, and keeping existing patients loyal. A lot of dental enterprises have even been optimizing their websites, and investing in content marketing strategies that will get them more shares on social media. In order for these creative marketing strategies to make a  difference, dental businesses need to optimize their websites for search engines. 

Dental SEO enables these dental practices to optimize their online presence for specific keywords and phrases that prospective patients are likely to look up on search engines, which will in turn increase the traffic to their platform. Dentist SEO might seem a little bit too daunting, but that is what I excel at. With my professional sense for SEO you will be blissfully swamped with new patients in no time.

As a practice building strategy, dental SEO needs attentive professionals that will keep an eye on ever changing search engine algorithms, and keep you at the top. This article intends to provide you with all of the reasons why you need SEO for your practice, and some comprehensive SEO tips to slowly but surely get you started.


What is Dental SEO really?

dental SEO

SEO for dentists is an application of search engine optimization strategies that will enhance your website for search engines, which in turn will greatly increase the traffic to your platform, the number of prospective patients, your chances to brand yourself, and ultimately your opportunities to establish yourself as a leading enterprise in your local area. Regardless of how big your practice is, you will still need SEO for big brands to maintain your rankings. Optimization practices can include: 

  • A mobile-friendly site
  • Localization of keywords
  • Optimize other digital elements, such as various tags


SEO for Dentists: What’s it all about


Studies show that the first five results appearing on search engines account for 67.7% of the clicks. SEO for dentists will account for your dental enterprise’s higher rankings on search engines. Thus, it goes without saying that search engine optimization for your practice should be one of your top priorities. 

Keep in mind that investing in Dentist SEO is as much about keeping an eye on your competitor as it is about ranking high on search engines for yourself. That being said, your competitors might be already devoting a whole bunch of their marketing budget towards SEO, and you should be too. You might not yet be worried as you bet that your dental practice offers better services than all of your competitors combined, but common net surfers looking for dental services will never know that if your services and practice have no online presence and visibility. 

This is where SEOforX comes in. I will customize a dental SEO strategy that will fundamentally establish your online presence, which means more traffic, promising leads, unmatched credibility and authority, and finally, definitely more loyal patients for your practice. Help searchers and SEO checkers know that you are truly the best!


Dental SEO tips for beginners  

SEO for dentists requires identifying your target audience and knowledge how to target it. You can only garner your target audience’s attention if you address its needs.

Attention to your practice results in higher rankings, which then garners you even more attention, and so the positive feedback reaction continues. 

Getting started with dental SEO has its own tricks when developing a good strategy. Here are a few tips you should put into practice to surely get you started:

1. Optimize locally

When developing a dental SEO strategy, you need to optimize your website with keywords and phrases that target specific geographical areas. In other words, develop a localization strategy for your dental SEO.When it comes to healthcare, searchers are most likely looking for local practices that pop at the top of their results on the search engines they’re using. Add the name of  your town and nearby towns to your website copy, this will automatically associate your practice to your location. Additionally, you can add your locations to your URLs and page titles. One thing not to forget is to register your business on Google Maps and other directory sites. All of these steps will definitely improve your online visibility for local dental services, thus, make sure you pay enough attention and adequately encompass all of them.

2. Add relevant keywords

Localizing your dental services, or your practice is not where SEO for dentists ends. Sure, prospective patients will be looking for local dentists, but they will also be looking for excruciatingly specific dental services, such as teeth whitening, cavities repair, broken tooth repair, braces, and the list goes on. Therefore, you should optimize your website for all the services that you offer. 

Optimizing your site for specific services means that your business will appear on search engines when prospective patients look up specific dental services in a local city or area that coincide with your services and location.

These long tail keywords that contain several words indicating a dental service and location have lower search volumes, but will definitely garner you greater attention and traffic as you specifically offer, for example, teeth whitening services in Atlanta, rather than just dental services in Atlanta.

3. Start Back-linking

External links are in a way a form of currency through which search engines, such as Google, qualify your site and practice as credible and authoritative. In other words, getting linked to from other sites is a form of endorsement and approval which will garner you higher rankings on search engines for phrases and keywords that are related to your practice.

Back-linking is an off-site SEO practice that is ultimately essential to your dental practice, and it has to be an integral part of your dental SEO strategy. How you can make back-linking work is by writing quality content, and then pitch it to bloggers and other industry leaders to feature you on their platforms. However, you need to make sure that you pitch to a site with a high domain authority, which will in turn count as a quality backlink. One quality backlink is definitely more substantial than several links from sites that hold no authority on the net. 

It will definitely not be easy, but with SEOforX definitely possible . The likelihood of you getting a quality backlink from an industry leader is directly tied to the quality of your content and pitch. Write about what you know best, and channel authenticity of thought through your content.

4. Start blogging

In terms of off-page SEO for dentists, guest posting will not only earn you prospective links, but also new interested readers and potential patients. Following up on guest posting, starting your own blog on dental care content will give you the chance to embody the voice of a real person. This approach with your blogging style will make you sound more relatable and thus garner you more attention. 

Consequently, more attention means more online visibility, and even new patients lined up for a check-up at your dental practice. As your web traffic, and the number of your appointments increase, your search engine rankings, and sales will also substantially increase, all due to dental SEO. 


 Dental SEO: An Integral Part of Your Dental Practice’s Irreversible Growth


The dos and don’ts of SEO can definitely be discouraging, but definitely not a reason for you to not go for it. Now that you understand the crucial importance of dental SEO, the one thing left to do is to contact me, and as an expert of search engine optimization, I will help you to compose an SEO package that works for you, so you can ultimately leverage all the benefits of SEO through faultless strategies! 

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