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With almost every consumer consulting the internet before making a purchase, the need for an online presence for businesses has never been more crucial. But then again, it makes no sense to be online when no one can see you. That’s where SEO comes in. You need to have a solid strategy to strengthen your content and make it more appealing to the search engines for it to rank higher. However, understanding factors that search engines use to rank websites can be overwhelming. That’s why you need experts to plan and execute an SEO strategy that ensures higher ranking and more clicks.

However, before you settle on an SEO consultant, it is good that you understand the services that SEO agencies offer. You need an agency that understands your SEO goals if you are to get good results. Knowing what to expect can help you in your vetting process.


  1. SEO strategy

Every business is different in terms of needs and goals. SEO consultants come up with a tailor-made SEO strategy that matches your business SEO goals.  This strategy should be strong enough to drive traffic to your website, reduce bounce rate and increase your conversion rate. To come up with a good SEO strategy, the following are some of the tactics that comes into play:

  • SEO audit – SEO consultants conduct a deep audit on your website to understand where you are in your SEO journey. The audit is meant to unearth what is missing for your SEO efforts to be successful. They also look at your website’s responsiveness and speed as well as its safety.
  • Keyword research – SEO consultants conduct research to find out which keywords your content is highly likely to rank for.
  • Competitor SEO analysis – Understanding your competitors’ SEO helps your consultants see what the competitors are doing right as well as what they are doing wrong.  They then leverage this information to create a better strategy for your website.
  • Link building – Your websites require high-quality links that will increase traffic. SEO consultants conduct a link audit and analyze your industry data to discover links that will enhance your SEO efforts.


  1. SEO implementation guidance

After coming up with a strong SEO strategy for your business, your SEO consultants will help you implement the changes on your website to start driving better results. The consultants work with your team, guiding them on the best SEO practices to adopt to ensure that your website continues to bring in good results. In addition, they come up with well-researched suggestions and considerations that your team needs to keep in mind when posting something new to the website. A good SEO consultant also conducts regular reviews on the changes made and monitors results to ensure that everything continues to work as per the strategy.


  1. Website consultation/web design

Your website should be designed in a way that drives conversions and matches your brand. SEO consultants are knowledgeable in best practices that make websites that convert. Whether you want your website designed from scratch or want your existing one revamped, SEO consultants are able to dive in and give you the best advice, as well as create a website that meets your digital marketing and business goals by implementing the best SEO techniques in the process. They are also able to incorporate your brand identity in terms of logo, color scheme, and more to create a website that reflects what your business stands for. Additionally, SEO consultants help in marketing a website through advice on the best ways to do it in order to reach your set goals.   


  1. Social media management

Besides having a website, social media presence is important in enhancing your digital marketing efforts. The modern consumer leans more towards brands that they can engage and connect with; social media provides an ideal platform for that. SEO consultants provide social media management services with a goal to engage your audience and build customer loyalty as well as promote your brand. They do this by creating or teaching your staff on creating engaging organic posts that gather more likes, comments, and following as well as influence actions such as calling or visiting your website. They also help develop strong ad campaigns keeping in mind your landing pages and target audience. Regardless of which platforms you are using, your SEO consultant can help you establish or refine your brand’s voice for social media.


  1. Content Writing

Search engines consider searchers’ intent when displaying search results. If your site is to rank higher, your content needs to hit the mark by ensuring that it provides relevant answers to searches. SEO consultants provide content writing services that help you create content that incorporates the most relevant keywords and other SEO practices for higher ranking. They also offer guidance in developing engaging content that your target audience can resonate with. Whether through eBooks, white papers, blog articles, social media posts, or video productions, SEO consultants ensure that your content is findable and drives qualified traffic to your website.


  1. Email marketing

Email marketing is very crucial in digital marketing as it drives lead generation, conversion, and brand awareness easily and quickly. SEO consultants help create a winning email marketing strategy that is able to reach a wider audience to drive faster results. They help in defining your target audience as well as building an email list that comprises qualified leads and potential customers. They go further to help you segment your sales targets for you to create well-targeted campaigns based on your audience level of engagement and position in your sales funnel. In addition, SEO consultants help in writing email copies as well as email automation that allows you to create customized subject lines, plan a release schedule, and more. 


  1. Branding

Most users gravitate more on the names that they recognize in the search results. That is why it is important to rally efforts in making sure that your name remains top of the mind of your target audience. SEO consultants offer branding advice that makes you stand out from the competition while putting you in the first SERP. They help you in building a winning brand strategy, defining your brand identity, and creating the limelight for your name through brand marketing. They do this by identifying your target customers, looking at your competition, helping you craft a good slogan, logo and tagline, and much more.


SEO consultants offer the above services and more. With the above list, you now know what to expect from the agencies that you hire in order to get value for your money. You can use it as a benchmark the next time you need to hire an SEO consultant.


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Rilind Elezaj

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