Best SEO Checker Softwares of 2021

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seo checker softwares

Best SEO Checker Software

SEO checker tools are business solutions that save you from tiresome keyword research, and that provide you with faster and more reliable results. They provide a wide range of valuable insights, including real-time keyword ranking, keyword density, and ROI prioritization. This frees some extra time and resources that you can direct towards finding the best content marketing strategies for your selected keywords. SEO checker solutions also offer better clarity. In most instances, they support the exportation of important data into the main office formats to share with both employees and clients.

They can also generate comprehensive reports, which is particularly helpful for agencies and digital professionals managing several websites who submit regular progress updates to their clients. Some SEO solutions can even deliver custom branded reports straight to your client’s email inboxes on a pre-set schedule. Another reason why you should invest in the best of these platforms is their potential for improving your business’ overall efficiency. They ensure all your employees are on the same page. The main purpose of these solution softwares, is to optimize your SEO packages. But what actually are these SEO checker tools? Keep reading to know more about the Best SEO checker softwares in the market.


7 Types of Online Tools for Website SEO and SERP Ranking Analysis

There are tons of SEO software solutions available online for analysis and health inspection that help you spot unoptimized factors that affect the performance of your website. The challenge now lies in identifying the best tools of your business. But that won’t be a problem anymore. Below are 7 of the best online tools that could boost your website’s performance and rank in SERPs.

SEO speed analyzer


      1. Speed Analyzers

    •   Pingdom

Since its launch in 2007, Pingdom has positioned itself as one of the authorities in web speed monitoring software. Currently, it has over 700,000 users, including Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify. It helps them test the availability and speed of their sites and services. It delivers premium, customizable synthetic, and real user tracking capabilities that help companies ensure continuous availability and unparalleled performance of their sites. Pingdom is extremely user-friendly and requires little technical knowledge to set up. It has a 14-day free trial and charges anywhere from $14.95 to $249 a month.

    • PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights is a free SEO tool from Google that makes the process of measuring your website’s speed super easy. Its ad-free UI gives scores to the loading speeds of your site on both desktops and smartphones. The speed score falls into 3 classes: Fast (90-100), average (50-89), and slow (0-49). What’s more, it offers recommendations on the best ways to increase the loading speed.

    • Webpage Test

Webpage Test is another free technology that provides a detailed speed test analysis. It performs a speed test thrice and provides the website’s loading speed together with a waterfall chart of the speed results each time. These speed results are further split into milliseconds and spread throughout website elements like DNS, SSL, connect, CSS, js, font, image, and video. Webpage Test serves prominent users like Word Press, PD World, and Go Daddy.



       2.  Link Building Tools 

    • Majestic

Starting at $49.99 a month, Majestic is an all-inclusive link-building platform capable of addressing all your unique business needs. It allows you to identify valuable link opportunities for your website as well as do a thorough analysis of your backlink profile. The most notable feature on this tool is the Link Context, which helps you find links depending on their position on a site.

    •   Pitchbox

If you want to discover and connect with leading publishers and influencers in your specific industry, then Pitchbox is what you need. Through this platform, you can gain access to many link-building opportunities. It integrates well with SEO software like Majestic and SEMrush, allowing it to obtain the best SEO standards for link testing. Pitchbox doesn’t offer free trial and starting price is availed on request.

    •   Linkody

Starting at $14.90 a month, Linkody is a valuable backlink building and analysis technology. It enables you to vet your backlink profile and reject bad links. It offers a 30-day free trial. Remember you don’t have to give out your credit card information while using the free plan.



   3.  Rank Tracking Tools

  •   Serpstat

 Looking for a complete toolkit for all your tracking activities? With Serpstat you can keep track of keywords that your competitors are using. Within a single platform, this SEO application gives you competitor analysis, keyword research, and search analytics. On top of that, it helps you conduct advertising analysis to identify the type of ads that receive maximum engagement. The low-tier plans cost $69 per month.

  •   LinkAssistant

 If you’re looking for a free rank tracker with unlimited capability, then LinkAssistant will work magic for you. With the 23 tools that come with this tracker, you can keep an eye on limitless keywords for a wide array of domains. You can also keep track of both your pages’ and competitors’ SERP ranking.

  •   Traffic Travis

 Need a thorough SEO health inspection for your page? Traffic Travis can help you do just that. It analyzes both on-site and off-site SEO to identify technical hitches that may be affecting your ranking. It performs a thorough analysis of your backlink profile and keeps an eye on your Adwords competitors. Traffic Travis is free for download and the download link is usually sent to your email address.


    4.  Keyword Searching Tools

  •   Keyword Planner

 This keyword planning and searching software from Google is widely used by leading SEO agencies around the world. The Keyword Planner, free for download, leverages the products or services you provide or your website’s URL to identify new keywords. It also provides search volume and other important past metrics for the keywords as well as the prediction of the performance these keywords are likely to attain in the future.

  •   Uber Suggest

 Uber Suggest is a freemium keyword planning tool from the globally recognized blogger Niel Patel. It provides users with keyword ideas, content ideas, CPC, and search volume. It uses metrics like “Paid Difficulty” and “SEO Difficulty” to assign a score and rank to keywords. 

  •   Jaaxy

 Jaaxy is a good freemium SEO tool that offers a broad range of keyword ideas. It backs up every generated keyword with valuable insights like search volume, competition, and possible traffic. The most notable feature in the software is the Quote Search Result (QSR), which tells you the number of websites using the exact term you’re considering to use. Remember, the lower the number, the higher the odds of your page ranking #1.



   5.  SEO Reporting Tools

  •   Agency Analytics

 Agency Analytics is a user-friendly and cost-effective reporting tool that’s ideal for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs). With the lower-end plans beginning at $49 a month, this platform offers limitless employee and client logins, intuitive interface, and automated branded reports. It features an option for buying extra keyword and campaign credits. It integrates seamlessly with more than 30 third-party data, including call tracking software, keyword ranking, Google Search Console, and email marketing software.

  •   Authority Labs

 Authority Labs is a straightforward yet powerful reporting tool. It starts at $49 per month. But to get white label reporting, you’ll need part with $99 a month for a higher-end plan. It can provide useful insights into keywords and programmed automated reporting. It can also keep a tab on regional ranking data and competitor keywords. 

  •   Google Data Studio

  Google Data Studio is one of the latest products from Google. The free software integrates perfectly with other Google offerings like Search Console, analytics, and YouTube. It also supports data integration from multiple third-party databases.


   6.  Competitor Analysis Tools

  •   Unbox Social

 Unbox Social is an all-round software that provides a variety of useful features like the competition tracking feature. Thanks to the competition tracking feature, you can keep tabs on your competitors’ activity and learn the type of content that’s generating impressive results in your industry. It helps you compare your performance with that of your competitors.

  •   Alexa

 This platform helps you perform a comprehensive analysis of your competitors. It allows you to identify and rectify any gaps in your SEO strategy. The most important feature on Alexa is the Competitive Web Analysis that helps you develop reliable strategies for outshining your competition as far as keywords, backlink building, and traffic are involved.

  •   Mailcharts

 Mailcharts is another great competition analysis tool that gives you insights into the email marketing strategy of your competitors.  Leveraging the actionable insights and intelligence obtained from this software, you easily develop effective and result-oriented email marketing strategies and promotions. You can also derive competitive reports to study deeply and gain an in-depth understanding of the best ways to make your email campaigns successful. 


    7.  Local SEO Tools

  •   Navads

 Navads is a decent local SEO tool for optimizing your business listings across the entire local search ecosystem. Through its data-rich platform, Navads has made a name for itself in the provision of location information to the databases that drive the mapping and navigation industry.

  •   Synup

 Synup is a local SEO software that enables you to keep track of the performance of your business on local directories, review sites, and major search engines. It serves more than 55,000 local businesses. At $30 per location a month, Synup offers niche features such as location management, instant-sync, interactions monitoring, crawl all listings, and much more. Softwares such as Synup are particularly useful in optimizing your localization strategy


         How to use SEO checker software to do Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

A comprehensive competitive analysis can be transformed into your plan on things that you need to do to make your site better than your competitors. It can also help you unearth the merits and flaws of your site as well as your competitors. This information can help you work towards improving your weak areas and then exploit your competitors’ gaps to then optimize your site’s performance. Here are 4 steps on how to use SEO checker software to perform competitor analysis in a manner that your competitor won’t.


  1.     Find out the Keywords that are Doing Well for the Competitors

 Thorough keyword research is an important part of any highly-ranking and remarkably performing site. So be sure to identify the exact that are directing traffic towards your competitors. This knowledge will be instrumental in planning your next strategy to reap all the prospective benefits of SEO it has to offer. SEO checker tools like Keyword Planner and Uber Suggest can help you discover less competitive keywords that are likely to drive more traffic to your business.


  1.    Discover Your Competitors’ Highly Performing Pages

 Here, you need to identify your competitors’ impressively performing pages. This information will help you determine the type and quality of content you require to outperform competitors. Competition analysis software like Unbox Social and Alex can come in handy in this step.


  1.     Write Content that is of Better Quality than Your Competitors’

 Your ranking on search results of top search engines is determined by the quality of your content. So take your time to create meaningful and compelling content that is even 10 times better than that of your competitors.


  1.    In-depth Audit of Your Rivals’ Backlink to Track their Brand Mentions

 Links influence the ranking of sites and therefore it’s important to monitor the link activities of your rivals. Start by tracking your rivals’ activities on new referring domains. You can perform this task with Ahrefs Site Explorer. 


Best SEO Checker Softwares 

  1.     SEMrush

 SEMrush is a complete SEO toolkit with superior link-building capacity. You can use it to search for link-building opportunities, inspect them, and perform outreach. It has many other important tools like social media marketing, that can potentially help you gain traffic from social media, by for example, going viral on Instagram.  In addition, SEMrush offers other optimal tool for SEO, advertising, and content marketing that offer better ROI compared to niche link-building tools. It starts at $99.95 a month with a 7-day free trial.


  •   Intuitive and user-friendly interface 
  •   Excellent link-building functionality 
  •   Comprehensive support resources – phone, email, and chat are available 
  •   Unlimited reporting capability 
  •   Domain analysis is super easy.


  1.     Ahrefs

 Starting at $82 a month, Ahrefs, a professional-grade software, is designed with experienced digital marketers in mind. It boasts one of the largest backlink indexes in the market. It also has many other features and capabilities, ranging from keyword research, position tracking, competitive domain comparison, to SEO tracking.


  •   Exceptional keyword suggestions 
  •   Detailed SERP analysis
  •   Thorough domain tracking and comparison 
  •   Smart user interface 
  •   Robust keyword planning and research


  1.     Plerdy

 Plerdy is a multifunctional SEO solution designed for online agencies and digital professions to help them enhance their website performance. It does a perfect job in automating work processes – it ensures each process is accurate and efficient. It leverages SSL encryption technologies to keep the data secure all the time. It also integrates with websites flawlessly, allowing users to come up with successful internet marketing campaigns.


  •   Simple installation
  •   Has a wealth of valuable features
  •   Reliable data security
  •   Powerful integration with other programs
  •   Boosts website’s conversion rate


  1.     SEOptimer

SEOptimer is a completely free website health checkup software. It performs a thorough website review across more than 100 data points in just 30 seconds and offers simple, practical recommendations. It gives you a variety of backlinks and impressive Moz domain capability. Overall, SEOptimer is an excellent choice for digital agencies looking to generate appealing website audits by taking advantage of its high-quality White Label features. 


  •   White Label feature – a good way to grow your email list 
  •   East to understand and follow recommendations  
  •   Loads of free tools 
  •   Content marketing incorporated – It guides you on how to create quality content that can stimulate customer interest


  1.     Moz

 With Moz, you can enhance the local visibility of your company and make sure your business listings are accurate, unswerving, and visible throughout the web. By sending correct location details of your business to prominent online directories and data aggregators, this SEO platform can help you remove duplicate business listings. It also allows you to make changes to your existing business listing. Moz’s basic plan starts at $99/month and offers a 30-day free trial.


  •   A valuable suite of features and a broad range of tools for performing SEO research
  •   Easily accessible anytime and anywhere because it’s cloud-based  
  •   New features are incorporated regularly


  1.     Hubspot’s Website Grader

 Hubspot‘s grading tool helps you mine the gold in the changing nature of how customers research and buy products. It offers you a vast suite of reliable internet marketing solutions, including SEO, website content publishing, marketing analysis, lead tracking, and competitor monitoring.


  •   User friendly
  •   Offers a wealth of decent features
  •   Ideal for building internet campaigns and promotions


  1.     Woorank

Woorank generates an in-depth report concerning your site’s general SEO health and presents it in a downloadable PDF format. The report evaluates the site using several technical SEO factors and offers an average Woorank score. Novice digital marketers can familiarize themselves with the best SEO practices by taking advantage of Woorank’s intuitive design coupled with included insightful items. Its basic plan costs $49 per month.


  •   Intuitive design and easy-to-use interface 
  •   Downloadable white label report 
  •   Suitable for both new and established SEO agencies 
  •   Easy-to-follow checklist for site optimization


  1.     MySiteAuditor

 Looking for an SEO tool to help you generate leads for your business? MySiteAuditor is a simple audit software with a flawless interface. It integrates perfectly into your website and generates a complete report of your site’s strengths and weaknesses. Once you work on the weaknesses, you’ll see an improvement in ranking and lead generation.


  •   Generates comprehensive reports and delivers them to users automatically
  •   Easy to set up 
  •   User-friendly interface


  1.     GrowthBar

 GrowthBar is a smart Chrome plugin that gives you direct access to important SEO data points for any site. It helps you discover keywords and marketing channels that are performing well for your competitors. This plugin allows you to perform keyword research on your Google chrome.


  •   Perfect for non-technical professionals 
  •   Work from the comfort of your Google Chrome 
  •   Spy on your competitors’ backlinks, keywords, and Facebook ads 
  •   Unlimited keyword target 


 Comparison between SEMrush, Moz, and Ahrefs



 Pros: Intelligent and easy-to-use interface, Reliable support consisting of chat, email, and phone, Outstanding link-building capability, Unlimited reporting capability, Easy domain analysis

 Cons: More expensive than both Moz and Ahrefs, Offers data for a single search engine (Google), Doesn’t work well on a mobile device, Comes with a single user account



 Pros: A wealth of features and tools for doing SEO research, Cloud-based and can even be accessed on mobile devices, Constantly updated with useful features.

 Cons: Slightly cheaper than SEMrush but expensive than Ahrefs, Inadequate support resources to help users understand how to get the most out of the available tools



 Pros: Intuitive user interface, in-depth SERP analysis, solid keyword organization and research, excellent keyword suggestions, great support system, provides data for multiple search engines, cheaper than both SEMrush and Moz

 Cons: Limited SEO reporting, Lacks a disavow tool for getting rid of bad links.


Final word:

I hope this guide on the best SEO checker software has provided you with a better understanding of the importance of auditing your site’s SEO and developing a roadmap to improve your search rankings. You can use some of these website checker solutions to identify technical gaps in your site and develop a robust, pragmatic SEO strategy. Remember that they’ll offer some form of a free trial or access to tons of helpful free tools. So be sure to experiment with a number of them before committing to one. 


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