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monthly seo package

SEO is one aspect that you can’t avoid implementing if you are operating an online business to reach out to more customers and make more sales through your website. Usually, companies choose monthly SEO packages from SEO agencies or SEO consultants for a more sophisticated SEO experience.

Here is what a typical one looks like:

monthly SEO packages

Once you start looking for a good provider, you will find many companies out there promising you many shortcuts to reach higher ranking. These promises are 100% of the time misleading and false because such fast results are not possible with SEO. It will take considerable time, for some 3 months, while for some others a year, to get to the aimed rankings. 

However, there are monthly packages that are realistically presented, do not overpromise, and in the long-run deliver the aimed results. Let’s now understand everything about the typical monthly SEO plans that you will find in the market.

Pricing of Monthly SEO Packages

The prices for such services differ for each agency, similar to how Google charges differently for PPC/Adwords depending on the industry, keyword, and level of competition. This enforces you to make a better decision by considering every opportunity that the market offers and also the performance of your business. Small and local businesses can find SEO fixed price packages anywhere from $100/month to $300/month thus favoring your business’s progress.

The cost usually depends on how much you are willing to pay according to the services you need for your website. The common SEO packages can be broken down into various categories such as:

    • The cost of creating content for optimizing your website
    • The cost of the SEO tools which agencies use to make
      your website achieve high rankings and reach more potential clients and customers.
    • The cost of linking to other marketing links and other social signals that work towards benefitting your site.
    • The cost of managing and working on your website is also put in place as this is an entire project that requires time and dedication

According to various agencies offering quality monthly SEO packages, the prices range from $200 to $800 for standard packages, $250 to $1,500 for more tailored packages, and $100 to $500 for individual services within an SEO campaign.

As the last price range suggests, the price can also depend on one-off services requested from SEO agencies, which usually happens when you have someone working on SEO in-house but require technical advice from a more experienced team. In such cases, make sure to pay a reasonable price for such consulting support for things such as keyword research, since that will be critical to the success of your campaign.

You also need to pay well for competitor research, as you will find that it is not easy to get information on what your competitors are using. A good SEO agency will definitely know how to do this in an effective and accurate way and will charge accordingly for professional advice.

Sitemap creation and submission is another important part of the SEO campaign which requires careful attention by your SEO agency, as it will help new links and content to be effectively indexed in your website and influence rankings. Similarly, they will utilize the most effective tools for reporting the progress of their work and teach you as a client to analyze their activities through Google Analytics tools, Webmaster, and so on.

What is the typical duration of a monthly SEO plan?

Even though these are monthly packages, most of the agencies have a minimum duration agreement which starts at a minimum of 3 to 6 months. This means that even though you will have to pay monthly, the Agency will decide to work with you only if you agree to a minimum 3-month or 6-month engagement.

Types of Monthly SEO Packages

There are two types of monthly SEO packages and those are:

The standard SEO package

This is a series of SEO packages that put together a list of activities to be provided to you, depending on your requested level of effort. You will see a “Basic” package, which provides a standardized set of on-page optimization activities. You will generally see an offer of the number of pages the agency will optimize at that monthly package, number of keywords in the strategy, and the working hours put into implementing it. The more advanced packages add more pages, keywords, and other functionalities that are part of the process, such as the creating of social media accounts, some off-page/link building activity, content creating, and so on. The most advanced ones focus heavily on off-page activities, that in general brings the price up significantly. 

The Custom SEO package

This is a type of monthly package for which you approach professional SEO agencies and have a consultation session, where the experts listen to your businesses’ particular needs and create a customized SEO offer that is meant for your business. The Custom SEO package has numerous benefits as it covers specific needs of your business thus promoting maximum growth. It can be more expensive than a standardized package, but it will definitely bring a higher return on the investment. 


The components of Monthly SEO Packages

Some of the main activity areas of an SEO package that have to be included in an effective monthly offering:

  • Technical SEO audit of your website so that the SEO agency can provide you with a comprehensive report that clearly states the needs of your website, current strengths and weaknesses, and the recommendations to revitalize your SEO efforts.
  • Customer behaviour and keyword analysis to help you understand what your demographic wants and searches for. The package also analyzes the trending and popular keywords used by your customers so that your business can follow the trend and attract more clients.
  • SEO optimization plan where the consultant goes through your SEO development plan and suggests the necessary improvements that you can implement to move forward and get closer to your goals.
  • The content development plan that provides a detailed roadmap for all of the articles and content that are to be developed during and after the SEO campaign.
  • Updating your website with the latest SEO tools so that you can stay up to date with your progress. Adapting the latest SEO tools will help you grow fast, and get in line with every change coming to the industry by your competitors. Algorithms, and the tools that adapt to it, are changing every day and you have to get updated so that you can maximize your website’s visibility. Your agency has expert staff who will do this for you on a regular basis.
  • Close integration with other digital marketing efforts where your agency will be able to find every opportunity available in the market and find a social media strategy on how they can apply it in your website so that you can reach more customers through your social media accounts as well.
  • Consistently reporting activities and results to ensure that you have the best knowledge about the activities that they perform on your website and the achievements you have made so far. This also enables you to detect the weak areas and how to improve them, understand customer preference, trending business direction that helps you make important business decisions.
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