How to go viral on Instagram – Tips and Techniques

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Instagram is one of the thriving social networks on which many are now leveraging its features to go viral like never before. Learning how to go viral on Instagram demands thorough research, strategic planning, and putting a lot of effort into creating unique and magnetic content that catches the eye of the audience and stimulates shares/likes. 

Though Instagram offers great options that make it possible to go viral within a short period of time, if you don’t know your way around, you will remain a supporter of others who are making it to the top. That’s why it’s important to get informed about some techniques and tools that support virality.

How to Grow Viral on Instagram – Techniques

Have an Instagram Identity

In order for your brand to be viewed as a strong and powerful one, you need to have a good Instagram brand identity. Create images that are in line with your brand’s identity and work on the copywriting.

Make sure to have a good straightforward, catchy description as this identifies what you do in a nutshell. Build a certain guideline that follows all your posts and gives your whole page a professional feel.

Use tags, emojis, comments etc, to increase your visibility, and manage your Insta page nicely. Don’t hesitate to be creative and make new offers that make your audience engage more and feel rewarded.

Develop Viral Content

Viral content! If you happen to get one content that goes viral on Instagram, it will make you get off the ground and gain more social recognition with more followers and traffics coming towards your Instagram account.

Creating content is as easy as it sounds but it does not always work out. Despite the time and effort you put into editing and garnishing it, if it does not catch the attention of the community, it will not go viral. Many Instagrammers resort to posting funny content, texts, pics, and video clips, but only a few hit the target.

Define A Solid Niche

Content virality is often niche dependent. You’ve got the content, but you need to define the niche that this content is destined for and find out how it performs amongst it.

Moreover, you cannot select a viral content from another niche, post it in your niche and expect your audience to take the bait. It is just like you are putting a round peg in a square hole.

If you keep doing this, you will create a mess out of your social integrity and, before you know it, you will lose a great number of followers. So it is imperative that you define your niche and source for the contents that best fit in.


Research Your Hashtags

What is a hashtag? It is a kind of metadata tag that is used on social media, which allows you to employ a dynamic user-generating tagging.

Instgram hashtags make it possible for your audience to find your messages with ease. Hashtagging is done by selecting a combination of letters, numbers or emoji and precede the selection with a pound sign “#”.

In order to make this work for you, ensure that the hashtag is specific to your content niche. With relevant hashtags, your content can reach the target audiences, even if they are not your Instagram followers, and, in the long run, many of them may become your followers.

Conversely, if you use an irrelevant hashtag and audiences follow it but your content is irrelevant to their searches, they can block your content from showing on their account.


Proper Timing

Perhaps, as an Instagram user, you have discovered this fact that posting the right content at the right time go hand in hand. So if you want to go viral, you need to know when your Instagram followers are most active.

Scheduling your post for the Instagram activity peaks will get you a significant number of follower within the first thirty minutes of publishing the post.

For instance, you get the timing wrong if you post content strictly on fashion while Fifa World Cup matches are making waves globally, this way you will hardly have an audience that will subscribe to your post.

However, you don’t have to be off track by posting outside your niche, stick to your niche. You need to know how to get your way around and use perfect posts with perfect timing to boost your audience engagement go viral on Instagram.


Get A Solid Growth Hack Tool

Though you have all these techniques in place, you still need a tool to hack Instagram algorithm and leverage it to your advantage. The Instagram algorithm is a software designed to show users content that’s relevant to their searches and interests.

For instance, for all those who are fashion enthusiasts and search about that category, the Instagram algorithm will serve content that is related to fashion at the top of their feeds.

In order to understand the Instagram algorithm and leverage it to boosting your recognition by getting your content up and gain active followers within a short time, you need a tool that is created specifically for that purpose. One of these tools that work like a magic stick is Power Likes.

Instagram Power Likes work by engaging a huge network of accounts. It works by making the content of a network of accounts engage with one another and offer a higher chance of growing viral on Instagram.

This Instagram growth hack tool employs the symbiotic relationship between accounts and makes your content exposed to a larger community of accounts/audiences at the same niche.

With the Power Likes, your account will be flooded with attention and engagements, and you will go viral and reach the Instagram explore page within a short period of time.

How to Grow Viral on Instagram – Secret Tips

We are providing you with the tips you can use to make the above-mentioned technique work and go viral on Instagram in no time.

How to Find Viral Contents

As mentioned earlier, reposting a viral content on Instagram works out, but how do you find the viral contents? You can find viral contents on the following platforms:

Instagram Explore Page

One of the best places you can find viral content is the Instagram explore page. The explore page features a collection of images and videos with their audience retention rates. Explore this page, select the content with a high rate and repost it on your account.


You don’t have to limit your virality senses to Instagram, dig other platforms to discover hidden gems. Facebook is a social media with a lot more viral contents. After all, Instagram and Facebook are integrated, so it is easier for you to transfer viral content from Facebook to Instagram.


Twitter is another social platform you can take advantage of. Get trending tweets on Twitter. repost them on your Instagram account and see how it will be causing significant spikes in audience engagement and social reach.

In a nutshell, the prime thing as regards finding viral content is to find big influencers on Instagram and other social networks, follow them, turn on your post notification, keep track on their contents, and repost it as soon as it goes viral.

How to Select the Best Niche

Once you have your domain, you can define your niche by looking for the posts that are gaining more audiences. You can do this by exploring high influencers within your domain and know their posts that go viral and their followers’ comments on the post.

With this, you will be able to develop your niche idea. Nevertheless, do not be a copycat, select a niche you know you can best perform with and suits your offering.

How to Find the Best Instagram Hashtags

The hashtags you will use depends on your niche, so your hashtags have to be more specific. For instance, if you post a pic on a travel destination, you need to tag it with the hashtags that are relevant to the location and possibly the resort’s branded hashtag.

In order to find a relevant hashtag that will make you go viral on Instagram, use the following tricks:

  • Discover the hashtags your competitors use and use your instinct to include new hashtags. However, having known the big competitors’ hashtags, you may decide not to compete with them by searching for your alternative relevant hashtags.
  • You can employ Instagram search function by typing a keyword that is relevant to your niche into the Instagram search bar and click the Tag tab.You will get a list of all hashtags that are related to the keyword with the number of posts that are tagged including the keyword.
  • A large number might mean that lots of people are following the hashtag and it may also mean that there is lots of content on it and you might get lost.Therefore, do your homework, experiment with a combination of hashtags in order to find your relevant niche hashtags for your post.
  • You may have to consider related hashtags. You can find this on any Instagram hashtag page. With this, you will have a list of related hashtags with the number of posts.You can use this to research the audience and discover more potential targets, with less competing contents.
  • Explore your most successful posts to see the trend and discover the hashtags that are contributing to the success of the posts so that you can include them in future posts.

Choosing the Right Timing for Posts

In order to schedule your post for the best timing, firstly, you have to discover the peak times and secondly, you have to know the relevant post.

The Instagram Peak times are 2, 5 and 8 PM GMT. Posting during the peak times will give you a boost, help you reach your audience and generate traffic.

Peak time also depends on the time your audience will not be busy at work. Hence, detect their leisure hour and post on break time when they will have access to their mobiles and login to Instagram.

More importantly, post content that is relevant to the current activities your audience shows signs to engage with. During the festive period, no matter what your niche is, post contents that are related to the season and festivities; but do not go off track, stick to your niche.

For instance, if you are into the fashion industry, and it is Christmas, you give your post designs a Christmas spirit, with garments and backgrounds that will enthuse your audience in the festive mood.


Going Viral on Instagram is undoubtedly a rewarding activity that gives your brand that recognition and promotion you desire. But you have to emphasize with your audience and try to see things from their perspective in order to produce content that engages them and catches their admiration.

But even if you give 100% to creating your content, it’s of no use if you don’t know how to apply the available tools and features that lead you towards better reach for a shorter time. We hope you found things you didn’t know about in this article and wish you a very happy viral Instagramming.

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