How to Advertise On Facebook for Free – Tips and Tools

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how to advertise on facebook for free

Have you ever wondered how to advertise on facebook for free? Well, that’s a good question because advertising your business or product on Facebook can be very beneficial due to the fact that the marketing costs are low and all you need to do is create a Facebook page. Below, you will find some very useful tips and tools which will answer your question.

Benefits of Promoting On Facebook

This is the ultimate platform that you can use in different creative and strategical ways of promoting. More so, Facebook reaches more than 700 million people, which means it’s a territory full of potential to hit your target groups by exposing your advertisement any time of the day and night.

In addition, you can post photos of your business or products easily. The Facebook account that you create is personal. This means you can customize and personalize it to fit your own liking.

Other than that, you have the ability to get in direct contact with customers through their accounts without charges by comments or direct messages.

You can also link your website page to your Facebook account. As a result, you can link the interesting content from your website to your Facebook account.

The more consistent and valuable your content is, the more you audience loyalty you get, thereby building a strong brand that stands its ground. There are tools and tricks that you can use to advertise for free.


Marketing Tips that You Can Implement On Facebook for Free

Posting several status updates about your product is important for your Facebook advertising strategy. Inform your audience about your product or service in creative and passionate ways.

You want people to know about something? Explain to them everything by staying proactive and reactive, replying, commenting or even tagging them.

Give them full details and answer every question. Keep your posts different, don’t be repetitive but rather always offer something fresh.

For instance, in case you are starting a business or promoting a product, you have to announce it day and night for the whole week or even a month.

A long time passes till people get aware about the existence of a certain business or product. Furthermore, it promotes your page more.

Now let’s enlist some objectives that lead to a strong Facebook page administration and presence, and are achieved for free;

Create your Audience

Keep in mind that the contacts, likes, and comments on Facebook do not mean that the audience is loyal to you.

The communication between you and the audience may be influenced by the algorithms and the filtered feeds from Facebook.

Make friends, get to know them more and add them to the email list. This will help you rely on them more than just on Facebook. You can also do this by trading a free e-book for an email address.

Post More Photos

Many people tend to react more to pictures than just text posts on Facebook. Create image quotes that link the audience to the post.

When you use the photos correctly, they go a long way in fetching many audiences and attaining a larger reach.

Social media platforms like Facebook aligns more with the visual nature. More so, you can create good cover photos by using tools like “Canva” that are available on Facebook.


Engage the Audience

The main objective of advertising on Facebook is to gain an audience. Make sure you give them something interesting and involving so that you keep them glued to the social media.

Ask questions. This is a way of making a two-way conversation. You ask and they respond by giving their thoughts and suggestions. Your audience can be a great source of ideas on how to improve your strategy.

Keeping your audience engaged, asking about their opinion and applying it in your services or products, will make your consumers feel like they are a significant part of your brands’ management and this builds emotional relationships with the audience.


Make Use of Facebook Insights

Facebook insights will help you find out the posts that were most engaging to the audience. It acts as an adviser since it helps you know the posts that were more vibrant with the audience, therefore, you will post them more often than others.

By using this valuable tool you get to define your page’s metrics and you confirm whether you are serving the right type of content to the right target group.

Your content game should not be based on instinct but on accurate scientific solutions such as working with the facebook’s algorithm.

By using Facebook Insights you gather valuable information and measurements on audience engagement such as:

  • how many likes by which people you got for the past seven days;
  • how many people reached the content that was posted for the last week;
  • and, the number of people who shared or commented on your photos/posts for the last seven days.


Free Facebook Tools and Techniques for Advertising


Posting a steady flow of interesting and valuable content on your Facebook wall is of great importance to your Facebook advertising strategy.

However, finding magnetic content that hits your desired objectives is hard and time-consuming, but there are tools designed especially to make this job easier for you.

DrumUp helps you identify the posts and stories that are fit for the audience. More so, it lists it for you so that they get posted in more practical ways, saving your time and helping you to be more organized.

You just provide the keywords and the tool searches that are relevant to your stories, then you choose the ones you like.



This tool deeply assesses the performance of your page and gives you the best recommendations on how to engage your brand to the audience. It does not require any personal details.

Just input the page URL and the assessment is generated within a short period of time.

It gives you details on what works well for your page and what doesn’t. It also tells you when you are getting attention from your competitors.


This tool helps you create the best custom images for your page. It is extremely instinctive. You get pre-sized templates for the covers and posts for your page.

After you have chosen the right template, you just drag-and-drop the elements to your post and you are good to go.

The images that this tool creates are eye-catching, and you can enrich them with your own texts and titles thus creating a nicely designed post.

It is also a lot of fun and brings out your creative side in a time-friendly manner.

Facebook Power Editor

Facebook power editor is mainly used for high-level advertisers who manage numerous ads and campaigns. This tool enables you to create ads and duplicate campaigns.

More so, you can edit the ads in the same window. Therefore, it is simple to adjust the rough details like conversion tracking and others. After that, you can have them live at the same time.

With this tool, you can adopt new ad tools especially since it gauges the popularity of the ad. You can, therefore, find out everything you need to know about your competitors.



Facebook can be the best platform to advertise due to its low charges, the large potential of hitting the target audience and the ability to reach many people.

Researching previously for tips and tricks of advertising on Facebook before you come up with a thoroughly planned social media strategy is a great starting point.  

Furthermore, exploring the free advertising tools of Facebook that you can use such as Canva, Likealyzer, DrumUp and the power editor etc, will guide you towards a more action-oriented phase, helping you with the advertising planning and timeline.


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