How Much Does It Cost To Promote A Tweet – How And When To Use It

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how much does it cost to promote a tweet

Twitter is one of the most popular and widely used social media platforms with more than 500 million users, including visitors who spend time looking for engaging tweets.

Oftentimes this engagement has a fee and people wonder how much does it cost to promote a tweet to achieve the interaction needed.  Tweets are short and crisp microblogs comprising of 280 characters which can include photos, videos, and hashtags. 

Twitter has 1.6 million unique visitors checking out third party properties and has nearly 500 million tweets per month and approximately 200 billion tweets per year.

This basically means Twitter can be the most promising medium to market your business and give your brand maximum online recognition.


Promoted Tweets Over Traditional Tweets

The actual cost of marketing and improving your brand via Twitter is $0. The traditional way of marketing without promoting your tweets or page is a major time-consuming process which requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

Promoted Tweets can increase the engagement of your posts 10 times and help in reaching an audience that is wider including not just your actual followers but engaging potential ones as well.

Promoted Tweets are a paid promotion which marketers around the globe prefer in a bid to reach a vast audience. This is similar to a conventional tweet but will be labeled as “Promoted” at the bottom of the tweet and will be at the top of the news feed appearing in the feed of your targeted audience.


A Look on Twitter Ad Options

Besides the promoted tweets, there are other twitter Ad options like promoting a Twitter Handle or Promoting a Trend. Marketers can promote their Twitter accounts as well, in addition to promoting their tweets.

A promoted account will help in showing your twitter accounts for people are not necessarily followers of your account or handle(your twitter username with the @ symbol in front of it). Creating engaging tweets and promoting your page can manufacture followers.

Advertisers who wish to promote a topic, they can choose to promote the trend which appears on top of the list. You can combine all the Ad options in the campaign for better marketing results.


Why Should I Promote My Tweets

As mentioned, promoting your tweets can increase the followers of your brand 10 times more than just tweeting about your brand the traditional way.

Twitter promotion helps you in customizing your target audience with age, gender, keywords, demographics, and interest.

A marketer can select the appropriate Ad option to better advertise their brand in a campaign.

Marketers also promote their tweets to drive traffic to their website, avail a coupon code or even to promote a sale.

How & When Should I Promote

Twitter offers two different targeting options namely; Keyword targeting and Interest-based targeting.

While targeting through keywords will help you promote your brand on searching the matching keyword.

An interest-based targeting is a campaign based on selecting the interest of the users on whom the promoted tweet should be shown.

A tweet or a @handle is promoted to attract new followers as well as drive unique visitors and keep them updated with your creative tweets.

Usually, promoted tweets are the best way to inform your target audience about the latest news regarding your business like discounts, attractive offers, campaigns etc.


A Look At The Cost

All the twitter Ad options work on a cost based on bidding. Promoting a tweet may cost fairly less considering the other two options.

This would cost approximately $.50 -$2 per engagement while promoting an account would cost @2.50 to $4 per follower.

Promoting a trend may cost a huge amount like $200,000 per day to keep the promoted topic on top of the list.


Measuring The Level Of Promotion

The bidding system helps you to control your expenses per day, thus enabling you to bid your desired amount per engagement.

The advertiser can even set a time duration and total budget along with the daily budget, which helps you plan the finances and expenses ensuring maximum efficiency and a wise use of the option.

Advertisers can get a complete comprehensive report to view the engagements, impressions and the total spend from the “Campaign Dashboard”.

Marketers can easily evaluate the campaign with the number of engagements and the impressions in line with the followers acquired.


Sneak Peak On The Objectives Of A Campaign

There are various campaign objectives according to the requirement of the advertisers.

    • Followers – Increase follower base
    • Website Clicks & Conversions – Drive traffic to your website
    • Tweet Engagement – Engage followers and cause interaction
    • App Installs – Promote in a way that stimulates downloads
    • Leads on Twitter – Collecting emails of businesses that could be your future clients


The Billable Actions

A billable action is what you are charged for, as each campaign has different billable actions and you are charged only when the action occurs. It depends on the chosen ad campaign.

For instance: if you choose to grow your followers then you will be billed only when the user follows your account through an ad promotion.



Twitter promotions include a variety of options that offer result-driven solutions and help you keep track of your budget expenses and the evaluation of results.

Marketing through Twitter gives helps you reach higher and enhances brand awareness in line with driving sales.

If you have set your campaign and you know it’s profitable, you can increase your budget by having more control over activities that seem to be working to your advantage.

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