Google Adwords Study Guide – What YOU Should Know

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Google Adwords Study Guide

2.3 million searches are performed on per second every day. Business owners and entrepreneurs benefit from these searches by posting paid advertisements on Google platform that channel traffic to their online shops. The advertisements that appear on Google results in every search are Google ads that are generated by the use of Google AdWords.

Google AdWords is an advertising system developed and managed by Google where advertisers or business owners bid on certain keywords that are relevant to their business to generate an advert for their goods and services.

Online businesses benefit immensely from choosing to place their adverts on Google AdWords. Apart from the fact that Google AdWords drive relevant traffic to your website, the adverts are flexible. AdWords allow online advertisers to choose their target audience, choose their own keywords and set their own budget for the bid. The advertisers are in full control of their own bid strategies and format.

Since the advertiser is in full control of their bid, they are also able to measure their ROIs, control their budget and adjust the performance of the advert from time to time as need be.

How Google AdWords works and how to get started with them?

To place an advert on AdWords, advertisers first need to choose keywords to bid for in a Google AdWords auction. The choice of the keywords will depend on the products the advertiser intends to market. Once the keywords are chosen, the budget is stated and the keywords are grouped. Google then enters the most relevant of the keywords from the group into an auction.

The performance of an ad on a Google auction is dependent on its quality score and maximum bid. The maximum bid means the minimum amount of money the advertiser is willing to spend on the advert, whereas, the quality score is the measure of the relevance of the ad to the Google users. The higher the rank, the lower the advertiser pays for the advert.

Google Adwords types of ads

Types of Google AdWords Campaigns

1. The Display Network

The Google display network is a group of selected websites that accept adverts from the AdWords advertising system. They allow a business to promote their services and products by use of text ads, banner ads, image ads, video ads, and rich media.

The display network advertising works by interrupting a viewer. The advert should be catchy to attract the viewer’s eyes and time. The advert works by showing up on a viewer’s page rather than during a google search.

2. The search network

The search network is the most common of the campaigns. It works by generating the adverts on every search page based on prospective customer/consumer searches. Search network targets relevant consumers who are actively searching related items or services by use of relevant keywords.

The search network comes with the additional benefit of allowing the ad to show in other Google partners platforms such as Amazon, AOL, and Ask.

Choosing the most relevant keywords for your advert allows you to appear in most search results. Consequently, this will generate higher traffic to your website and sale.

3. The Shopping Network

The Google Shopping Network campaign presents a catalog like service. It allows an online business to advertise its product individually without having to set bids on all products they offer.

Google shopping network is ideal for products rather than services. However, this campaign allows a product image, price, and name only. It does not allow any other advertising texts.

If a business manages, an e-commerce website Google Shopping will be a great choice to advertise their goods individually.

The Video Network Available Video formats for AdWords are TrueView in-stream, TrueView video discovery ad, and Bumper ads. These videos ads are displayed on YouTube as a partner of Google.

True View in-stream ads can be skipped by the viewer after five seconds of its starting, TrueView Video discovery ads appear as a search on YouTube and do not play automatically over other videos, whereas the Bumper ads are in-stream ads, much like the TrueView but cannot be skipped by the viewer.

4. The Mobile Network

The Mobile Network campaign mainly utilizes the use of mobile applications installed on smartphones and tablets. The adverts are displayed on apps and a link is posted to redirect the user to the advert’s website.

The mobile network also utilizes mobile call-ins to network subscribers. The advert gives a relevant link to the products that the customers are expected to search. This campaign is best suited for the younger generation Generally, the choice of your AdWords campaign will largely depend on your products and your target clientele.

Google AdWords gives online marketers an effective and flexible platform for marketing. Adverts can reach millions of views within seconds. Products and website are viewed and sales are improved. A successful ad calls for a competitive bidding process that starts with the appropriate choice of keywords and relevance.

A marketer should always be updated on current trends and keywords that would boost the ad’s quality score and rank. Choosing the most appropriate AdWords campaign is key to ensuring that your ad reaches the most appropriate clientele possible. The ultimate goal is to make better sales and improve returns.

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