SEO Consultant or SEO Agency: Which Is the Right One for you?

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Having a quiet and probably unknown website defeats the aim of building one in the first place. Many website owners often get discouraged because they have not received the necessary traffic on their pages. You cannot overemphasize the emergence of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its significance as a tool for drawing the required traffic to a webpage. SEO is unique, and unlike advertising or PR campaigns, it is done on your medium and doesn’t require any publishing cost. Getting the services of an SEO is never an issue but whether you are going for a consultant or an agency depends on how you want your work done and your resources. The article will provide a fair picture of the advantages and disadvantages of an SEO consultant and an SEO agency. 


Differences between an SEO Consultant and an SEO Agency

SEO consultants are experts in the business. They are more like freelancers. SEO consultants first audit your company’s strategies and then think up a particular plan for things to work for you. However, they don’t implement such plans for you. They can train your staff on how to carry it out, but that is where it stops. On the other hand, an SEO agency will not only devise means to make your website popular and have more traffic but will help you implement it. 

SEO agencies always have staff members, and so they will do your job faster. They may be working on more than one job at the same time too. The SEO consultant is usually a single staff but doesn’t do too many jobs at a time. 

Based on the services they offer, it would cost you more to work with SEO agencies than with SEO consultants. It is noteworthy that pricing shouldn’t be the determining factor for hiring. There are pros and cons which you must consider apart from the associated fees.


The Pros of working with SEO Consultants

Hiring an SEO consultant has its advantages. Some of them are: 

  • One-on-one Relationship: When working with an SEO consultant, you will be able to ask all your questions to understand if what they are doing aligns with what you need. There will be no need to verify answers for uniformity since the SEO consultant is the only one working for you.

  • Quality Relationships: SEO consultants usually form great relationships with other top-rated consultants using SEO services. Hence, if there is anything new, you will get to know it immediately, having them there at any time. This tip can help you get an edge before there is a competition.

  • Friendly and positive approach: Working with an SEO consultant means that there is only one person taking care of your job, therefore the relationship is more intimate. You will feel freer to express any of your concerns and get to exchange many emails with them. That being so, what better idea than finding an SEO consultant who is not only good at their job but also good with people? In that case search no further. If you work with me, I will make sure to bring lots of laughs and positive energy to the table and expand your business while at it.

  • Possibility of negotiation: Since the SEO consultant works alone, it will be easier to negotiate the fees. The probability of a successful bargain is high because the consultant will want to build a network that could open more business opportunities for them.

  • Dedicated approach to your job: An SEO consultant who is a lone worker knows the job you have given is all on them, and if there is an issue, they get all the blame. This knowledge makes them commit all their attention to your job.
  • Faster job delivery: An SEO consultant is an expert in the business of SEO. Since the consultant is focusing on your job only, they are able to complete your job faster and more efficiently.
    • Reliability: If you ever have any questions or need someone to handle something else related to the project, your SEO consultant will always be there available to attend to you promptly.
  • Trustworthiness: It is a well-known fact in the world of SEO that companies will often work with more than one client from the same niche. This is not the case with your SEO consultant, who will remain faithful and refuse to work with your competitors. 


The cons of hiring an SEO consultant

When working with an SEO consultant, you may encounter some of these cons:

  • Limited time available: If you need your job done on time, you have a disadvantage with an SEO consultant because there can not be a division of labor with them. The consultant is usually the only one working for you, and you may have to bear with them.

  • You are stuck with them: If you are not satisfied with the work, you cannot demand someone else to do it as the consultant works alone. The only thing that you could do is if you choose to fire your consultant. You may say, why not just fire them and get someone else. The problem with that is that you will have to begin all over again with a new employee, and if you gave an advance in fees to the previous consultant, you just lost that money. 


The pros of working with an SEO agency

Working with a group of people that knows the rudiments of the SEO strategy seems like a better option than going with a freelancing expert. Let’s look at some advantages:

  • You can ask for another person on their crew: It is possible that you are not satisfied with what one member of the staff is doing. Since you are paying them for what you want, you can request another member of their team.

  • Having more experts in one group: Having more than one expert on your job can make you have excellent results. If any of them is ill, another member of the team can step in.


The cons of hiring SEO agencies

Having to work with a group of people on a particular project could be clumsy. Some of the cons include:

  • You may not get their full attention: Some SEO consultants may have more than a job they are handling simultaneously, and since they are lone workers with no employees, your job might suffer a little. It would be a different ball game if they had no other commitments. 
  • Higher fees: Since you are working with a group of people, you will be paying more for their services.

  • Working with many people: It could be difficult for the employer to follow the whole team or which team members are in charge of some aspects of the job. Such clumsiness could get the employer confused.

  • Not every agency might be a good fit: Getting the perfect fit for the job might be very difficult and might involve trial and error. Since the fees with agencies are usually on the high side, you may lose a lot of money if you are not fortunate with the very first agency you hired.

  • They may not care much about your business: An SEO agency may not feel that close sense of connection like an SEO consultant would. It is a different feeling to some people when they are temporary staff members, and it could affect the job they do for you.


Which is the right one for you?

If you have an unlimited supply of cash, you can go for an SEO agency and probably get another agency if you are not satisfied with what you get from the first one. Since hiring might be a game of chance, you should go for what you can afford. There is the problem of implementing the new SEO strategy yourself since you hired a consultant. There could be a way around it. You can look for an SEO consultant who will implement their new strategy for your business. 

Another option is to hire an SEO agency first and make do with the development they bring to your website. It should get some traffic to your site and open you to more business opportunities. When this has grown your business to an extent, you can then employ the service of an SEO consultant to improve upon the job the SEO agency did. 


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