Adwords vs Adwords Express – Which should your business use

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Adwords vs Adwords Express

If you are assessing whether Search Engine marketing is right for your business, you probably have stumbled across the terms Google Adwords vs Adwords Express. No doubt that these two options are an incredible way of promoting and advertising your business online.

Statistics show that at least 86% of the customers used the internet to look for local business while 76% prefers to find information on local merchants through the internet. Given that Google owns 71% of the search market share is enough to convince you of the importance of Google AdWords to a business. The question is, which one should your business use, Google Adwords or Adwords Express?

Google Adwords vs Adwords Express?

Google AdWords is a simple platform that allows one to use text and images to reach particular target audiences. So, when the user searches a specific keyword, you can make sure that your business ads appear in the search engine result. To cast a wider audience and get more businesses on such a platform, Google introduced AdWords Express as a faster way to jump into online advertising. It is a simple version of Google AdWords Express to automate campaign management and to eliminate the need for daily oversight.


Important Feature of Adwords and Adwords Express

Both Google Adwords and Adwords Express provide businesses with an opportunity to advertise on Google. Adwords have for a long time allowed businesses to have robust online advertising, using texts, static banners, video formats and many more. Adword Express was introduced to allow businesses that are not already AdWord advertisers to have an effective PPC. It allows advertisers to have their text ads on the Google search engine and Google map. Adwords express is definitely easy to set up; it takes some critical choices out of your hand that you probably were not aware of. However, you may need to consider its drawback for your business, because these drawbacks may outweigh the marginal benefits of a simple process of enrollment.

Which one is in your Best Interest?

When you sign up for AdWords Express, Google will automatically set an AdWords campaign for your business. This means you will not be involved in the campaign as you would be on Google Adwords and you dependant on google to automatically optimize the ads. If you delve deeper, you might realize that Adwords is a far better option. Here some reasons for this

Which one directs users to the right landing page, Adwords vs Adwords Express?

A normal user will quickly decide to stay in a site or may decide to move to the next one. When the user clicks on your ads, your primary aim is to make sure they land on your site landing page with the product that prompted them to click the ad. If the ad seems misleading, then the user will quickly leave the site, and no conversion will occur. The problem with Express is that it does not allow the user to include the keywords that are related to the specific theme on your landing page. This means you may not have the intended conversion rate from the ad.


Cost of Adwords vs Adwords Express

Adwords express allows you to control your advertising spending on a monthly basis, but one thing it doesn’t do is regulate the cost-per-click. You can never go accidentally over your advertising budget with AdWords. Not being able to specify the amount t bid on a certain keyword is a huge drawback for Express. The control that Google has on your account will lead to high cost-per-clicks and no conversion.

Ranking can be a challenge with Adword express

Google use a certain quality threshold to ensure that the highest quality ads are in the top position. Normally, to rank at the top, if you want to add a keyword on a list you want to add on, you can just do it manually, but with Express, Google has full control of your accounts bids on. The only thing you can do it toggle the keyword on and off but that won’t make any difference because a search for another keyword match could easily trigger the same irrelevant ad result.

You cannot enhance your ads through extension with Adword Express

Ad extension aim is to expand the standard text ad with more lines to give more info to the user such as the address, the phone number of link pages, thus giving them more incentive to click on the ad. These features can greatly increase the effectiveness of your campaign; however, Express does not have this option.



Although Adwords Express may seem a logical method of establishing an online presence on Google, you might need to reconsider how this will affect your online marketing campaign. You won’t have the control of what keywords to bid on, or how much you are paying, not to mention the conversion rate may not be favorable at all compared to AdWords. The control and customization from AdWords provide you with an opportunity to have an effective campaign.

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