Learn How To Do Search Engine Optimization

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Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses that Work

As a small business owner, you may find it hard to put the bulk of your credit card on ads and other marketing channels as many business big brothers can afford, and you’re there panicking that you don’t have the finances to afford what’s needed to guarantee you the success and positioning you need. Nevertheless, you don’t have to stay low, you need to pull yourself together and device other marketing strategies for small businesses, to reach higher goals and stay ahead of the game.


How Much Does It Cost To Promote A Tweet – How And When To Use It

Twitter is one of the most popular and widely used social media platforms with more than 500 million users, including visitors who spend time looking for engaging tweets.

Oftentimes this engagement has a fee and people wonder how much does it cost to promote a tweet to achieve the interaction needed.  Tweets are short and crisp microblogs comprising of 280 characters which can include photos, videos, and hashtags. 

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Basics of SEO Explained – The 4 SEO Pillars

“SEO is dead.” this common statement has made many marketers worry. I mean, with statistics indicating that social media has overtaken search as the main source of traffic, isn’t this true? In addition, mobile apps are becoming more preferred than the traditional methods of viewing websites. Well, yes there are changes that regularly takes place. Google, which is the leading search engine, makes between 500-600 algorithmic changes every year. This makes it a bit hard, even for seasoned SEO experts and marketing gurus to track changes. And because of this, many seem to be forgetting the basics of SEO.

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What is an SEO title – Importance and how it works

This article is the first in a series of articles providing essential SEO tips, so what is an SEO title? First of all, let us clarify the difference between the terms: title, heading and web address. The web address is the domain name (and the sub-domain name) of your website. The difference between the title and the heading is not that obvious. The “title” refers to the text in between the HTML  tags of the website. The title is not displayed in the webpage itself, but on the ‘tab’ of that website, in the web browser. A “heading” on the other hand merely is the heading of an article in the site. Headings are displayed on the webpage itself.